Who can attend?

Software Engineering / Computer Engineering students or students of a related subject that are in their 3rd or 4th year of studies can attend.

How can I apply?

Registration is open - all you have to do is complete the application form on Unithon Engineering website! After the evaluation process we will get back to you. Hurry up, registration is only open until Friday, October 5th, 11 pm :)

Is the event free?

It’s free! Accommodation expenses will be covered by Peak Games.

Do I need to bring my own computer?

It's up to you. We'll provide computers with the respective configurations needed to participate in Unithon Engineering. We’ll ask your preferences (Mac/Windows) prior to the event.

How can I get there?

Transportation will be provided for selected cities and university locations in Istanbul.

What coding skills are required?

You don’t necessarily need experience in Unity or C#. Familiarity with mobile development and experience in at least one object-oriented language are enough as well.

Is there anything that I should check before coming to Unithon Engineering?

Yes. You should check and do some hands-on tutorials on Unity, C# and Git and check our games Toy Blast and Toon Blast.

Can we apply as a group?

You can’t :) The groups will be selected randomly.

Are we all going to work on the same game?

Yes. We’ll provide a fully working mobile game and each group will develop the same features.

Couldn’t find your answer?

Please shoot us an email via unithon@peakgames.net