Applications are now closed !

Thanks a lot for your interest in Unithon Engineering, hope to see you next year.

Unithon Engineering brings together engineering students who are passionate about software engineering and who are interested in learning more about mobile game development.

Join Unithon Engineering and learn from the engineers who are writing code that amazes over 200 million people around the world!

What will we do?

2 days, 80 students, Peak Games engineering team and lots of code - all within one weekend!

You’ll get lots of input on engineering fundamentals, mobile game development in Unity and life as a mobile engineer at Peak Games. In small groups, you’ll hands-on write code that brings to life exciting game features. We’ll provide the mechanics, you’ll develop the features. After 2 days of crafting your code, we’ll all together have a code review session in which your code will be discussed and reviewed by our experienced engineers.

What will I learn?

Together with Peak Games engineering team you will learn how to write clean, well-abstracted and reusable code in Unity and C#. After finishing your game you’ll push your code to Git from where we’ll review it all together afterwards. It’ll be a hands-on and real-life experience in mobile game development.

Our engineering team will be next to you to support and give tips and advice. From detailed code reviews you’ll learn do’s and don’ts in mobile game development.

Day 1

October 20,

A day full of engineering fundamentals, real-life examples, OOP and Unity! You’ll get lots of input about the engineering fundamentals needed to write simple yet neat code. On top of that you’ll learn how we’re developing our games with Unity game engine, the challenges that we’re experiencing and how we’re solving them!

Afterwards you’ll get started - in small groups you’ll develop game features!

Day 2

October 21,

After delivering your game we’ll have a detailed session of code review for each group. Make sure to attend all of the sessions to learn from the other groups as well!

The winners will receive a trip to QCon London in spring 2019! Flight, hotel and conference tickets will be covered for the whole group.

Unithon Engineering

October 20-21, 2018